Helpful tip of the day

Have to admit I’ve stolen this from BBC Radio Gloucestershire – why not club together with friends, family etc hire a hotel room just outside Glos (i.e. with running water) for the night – 15 mins each = 4 people per hour = 30 clean people for about £2 each.  Hoteliers I apologise in advance…

Let me know if anyone tries it and how many people utilised the facilities!


2 Responses to “Helpful tip of the day”

  1. Suzy Says:

    I suggested this to my friends yesterday – although most of them think that if they leave Cheltenham the air will run out and they will die.

  2. GirlNextDoor Says:

    It’s actually being able to get out of Cheltenham thats the problem, some of us can’t. *sob*
    Having said that the roads are alot clearer now so I may just do that with Mr. Starbucks 😀
    First time visit, found you via a comment on Pawpads blog 🙂

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