Panic, panic, panic – thank you BBC News

Once again some fantastically well considered and responsible journalism from the BBC tonight.

I’ve been in Gloucester with no water for three full days now and as my previous posts today illustrate things seemed to be settling down.  It’s now 10.09pm and I’m genuinely worried/annoyed.

BBC News at Ten has successfully managed to scare me – convincing me that I am doomed.  They sent reporters round testing bowsers and found 10 empty – something us Gloucester residents are getting used to.  The tone of terror however is not at all helpful in the current climate.  If I (a 28 year old male) am worried imagine what are elderly locals  thinking watching this scaremongering report.

Yes- bowsers are regularly empty, yes – visiting supermarkets for daily free supplies is hellish BUT water is on sale on supermarket shelves, neighbours are checking on vulnerable neighbours – Bristol is just 20 minutes away! (unfortunately)  The lack of water is becoming a real pain but we are not yet facing 350,000 people completely dehydrating. 

Meanwhile, in China some 100 million people are facing a truly horrific flooding experience – over 400 have been reported dead,0,1068156.story

Severn Trent, the local water company in Gloucester have reassured shareholders that the flooding won’t affect profits on the same day that they have pleaded for government assistance – “They’ve got to have a bit of bubbly the shareholders”

As the flood water begins to (very gradually) go down the new Gloucestershire county sport of stick or poo has been replaced by a game of pass the blame – the Environment Agency have got it, Severn Trent have got it, no wait Brown’s got it, doh dropped it…


2 Responses to “Panic, panic, panic – thank you BBC News”

  1. Lenni Says:

    You’re panicking and worrying that bowser are empty? Have you actually bothered to call the report line on 0845 6 022 055 and asked for them to be refilled? I did. Result? A full bowser this morning. You are 28 – able bodied? Car? Able to get to Cribbs? Go fill a bottle from a tap down there. So we haven’t got water in our taps. Most of us would be able to cope with a little adaption, instead of expecting everything to be done for us. We’ve just had a flood of unprecendented proportions, don’t expect things to be perfect!

  2. moverthrow Says:

    Thanks Lenni – apologies,post was meant to be ironic and a comment on the state of news coverage of events. I completely agree with your comments.

    No panic here – just not a fan of the irresponsible journalism trying to heighten fears. We’re coping fine and have access to car etc – just growing irritated with news playing it up. For example yesterday I was down by Westgate Bridge and journalists were asking police if it was safe to stand in the water in Westend parade below so they could paint a more devastating picture of events. Just find it all a bit unhelpful.

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