Every little helps

Today we paid our first visit to the supermarket water station.  After yesterday’s televised chaos, those issuing the water seemed to be taking a more cautious approach giving us just 6 x 1.5 litre bottles (as opposed to the 2 x trays of 12 each yesterday).  So, we had to go to the main supermarket to buy some extra water – cue unneccessary staff interference.

My pregnant girlfriend had a 5 litre bottle snatched from her hands by a member of Tesco staff who went on to reprimand her for taking more than the 12 litres allowed…nice.  No signs anywhere to let us know there was a limit but who needs signs when you’ve got overly aggressive staff.

Meanwhile in Longford and Longlevens,  rumours of looting are spreading.  On the plus side Cash Converters have got some new stock in.

The bowsers seem to have more water in today.  I expected tempers to be fraying by now but everyone seems to have just got used to the water situation.  Neighbours have knocked on the door for the first time since we moved in (18 months ago!) and most people, tesco staff excluded, are keen to help. 

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


6 Responses to “Every little helps”

  1. pawpads Says:

    I went to Sainsbury’s today to collect our water and have to say that thankfully the staff there were very helpful. . .and the soldiers dishing out the water was very easy on the eye when you’re standing around waiting in the queue.

  2. Ash Says:

    Whilst they should in no way approach the manner in that way I can fully understand why Tesco are doing it. Everyone could have an excuse to have more but if you can’t get away with 21 litres a day (9 from services, 12 from shops) there’s something majorly wrong!

    I’m out of water as well so I know how frustrating in many ways it is but we have to get on with it. To be honest there’s nothing stopping you getting water from elsewhere, albeit annoying if you were that desperate you would go that far.

    I can’t believe people are complaining about local governments here they’ve been brilliant, we need help from the rest of the country though. How do you get the feeling if this happened in London everyone would be helping out, it’s so unfair in that respect.

  3. moverthrow Says:

    Ash, I agree that limits need to be in place but we thought 3 x 5lt wasn’t too excessive and, more than anything else, just needed a couple of large vessels for bowser water etc. I agree locals have pulled together (apart from the usual dodgy characters taking advantage) but the government etc could do more than a five minute helicopter stop.

    Pawpads, I couldn’t comment but I guess camoflauge is generally quite easy on the eye.

  4. AD Says:

    It’s interesting to read your posts. My elderly grandmother lives in the same area as you and is attempting to cope without water. From what we’ve heard, her neighbours have been fantastic (and she’s also seen more of them in a few days than in the last year) with collecting bottles of water for her. It’s a dreadful situation though and I really hope it improves for all of you soon.

  5. moverthrow Says:

    Thanks for your comments AD, neighbours really are seeing more of each other than ever. Our alarm went haywire due to the power cuts but our neighbour came to the rescue and fixed it, saving us a hefty call out fee! People have adapted and rest assured that elderly neighbours are being looked out for by others.

  6. Ash Says:

    Quick update, it seems that Tesco no longer has restrictions. I’ve heard we will get back ‘washing’ water on Tuesday, that will be a great help although it cannot be drank!

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