Current water count

…down to 40 litres – sounds like a lot but soon goes.  Had to resort to drinking Cider instead of water – you’ve just got to do what you can…   

The three bowsers near here are empty, rumours they will be filled within next hour or so.  All supermarkets are out of the stuff for sale but emergency rations being dished out at supermarkets if you want to spend your evening queuing, only allowed two cases per household.

Limited ourselves to about 2 litres today including a wash, two teas, washing up etc.  Had to use rainwater for the cistern… girlfriend is loving it as much as she loves camping and festivals.

Meanwhile in the seemingly abandoned village of Sandhurst, my parents have been given a two litre bottle as their household allowance – not even enough for…


2 Responses to “Current water count”

  1. Iain - dry in the Midlands - Davies Says:

    Well, Well, Well, another hot summer in the two Overthrow households. And the good nature of man shines though – I take it the local farmer is charging your father for the privalage of crossing his field again – and for the lift home.

    The Big question though is has the rain washed away the ****** from the bottom of the field? Or have they just moved in to whatever house they find unlocked?

    At what point are the rest of us supposed to start sending war rations because our garden is loving the rain and sunny intervals and everything has come to harvest a month early. If its any help you can join the mass exodus and come and live in our spare room until the watrer and lec’i’ are back on – and that is a serious offer if you want it.

    Hope things improve for you – good luck and if you need anything just call – oh yes – you can’t. Well send a pigeon – if the locals have not already eaten them all in desperation.

  2. moverthrow Says:

    mmm pigeons

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